Sultans of Shave- a Classical but Edgy Barber

Sultans of Shave

Our journey started with a quest to revive one of the oldest but less than glamorous trades in Singapore, the back alley barber. The barber is a profession that dates back to every era known to man, from being a prized member of staff that served the Egyptian pharaohs, Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and more recently, the British royal family.

We immersed ourselves in the home of the quintessential gentleman, London. Whilst we were there, we trained to shave, got shaved, engaged barbers and customers and sampled numerous products, all with the aim of perfecting the experience at Sultans of Shave.

Sultans of Shave, a barber located at the north of Canal Road with a compelling name. The name of the store comes from the song “Sultans of Swing,” which was sung by the 70’s British rock band Dire Straits. With a sultan’s turban printed on their sign, Sultans of Shave wanted to pay homage to the Ottoman Empire’s sultans, who were known for remarkable deportment. Therefore, the store combines the classical royal service and edgy atmosphere offer to their male customer.

Traditional English Gentlemen Club with Modern Style

Besides the flagship store on Canal Road, Sultans of Shave also have two other barbers at Orchard Road and Craig Road. Planning to open an overseas outlet, Taiwan will definitely be an option for the store. Walking into their flagship store,

you will feel the barber is like a guitarist in suit: Inspired by the traditional English gentleman’s club, the store has a shading deep blue waiting room, and the handle of the wooden book shelf were replaced by scissors and razors. Moreover, the dressing tables were decorated with black and gold stripes, and each table was equipped with a washing unit.

Next to the barber is a small bar, where males can have some whisky after grooming, and the Sultans of Shave even cooperated with an artisanal menswear company to offer custom made suits.

High-quality Mens Barber

The barber offers high standard male grooming service, which the owner told us all the hairstylists in the store have at least 5 years of experience in the industry.

Apart from haircutting, the shop also provides deep cleansing and scalp massage treatment to the customer. For shaving section, you can enjoy facial scrub service.

A Hairstyle that Matches with You

To meet different customer’s needs, the store has package options such as tourist discount and groom/groomsman for the customer.

Instead of following the trend, Sultans of Shave knew the best style is the style that suits you. Hence, their hairstylist will communicate with the customer before cutting, they will ask questions like personal taste, working type etc.… After taking all the factors into consideration, the stylist can offer a haircut, which not only goes well with your daily life, but also presenting your taste.

“male should pay attention to their outlook and be polite to everyone”

How to maintain a fashionable style, Sultans of Shave said male should pay attention to their outlook and be polite to everyone. After the interview, we look at the hairstylist, who is concentrate on doing shaving service for the customer, and this just look like a rocking guitarist playing a classical melody. StyleUp believes if you come to Sultans of Shave, you can comprehend the quality of life.

All pics authorized by Sultans of Shave facebook

Sultans of Shave

TEL:62220201(North Canal Rd)

            67353280(The Centrepoint 176 Orchard Rd)

ADDRESS:11 North Canal Rd #02-01 Level 3, Metro The Centrepoint 176 Orchard Rd


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