The Charming Man Bun Hairstyle!

Many stylish or hipster men grow long hair. Is there any hairstyle for men besides curl and ponytail? The answer is yes! STYLEUP collects some man bun hairstyles to share with you. These styles not only are attractive but also show masculinity.


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Many men have their hair cut in the undercut style and tie it into a ponytail. If you don’t want your hair messes around as it grows longer, try tying it into a bun!

【融入生活的好髮型 FRIENDS X STYLEUP】離子夾教學!型男必備三種離子夾造型一次學會


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This is the reason why man bun is so popular- just casually scoop your hair into a bun, your masculinity showed in your every move. Add a pair of glasses! You are the hipster!


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The bun can be placed anywhere on your head. The lower placement gives a gentle and soft feeling. With a mustache, you can attract plenty of girls with the mature and sexy man style.



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How about some cute style after those cool ones above? The bun can be cute aside from being cool! The Pineapple bun, shown by Jang Keun Suk in the picture, is to place the bun forward on your head. Isn’t it adorable?

There are various styles of man bun; you can be cool, sexy or cute! Being a stylish man, you must try it out!

Translated by Patricia L.

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