Makeup Tutorials: V Shape Face Contour Makeup

Tired of airbrushing your photo after taking a selfie or dislike your round-shaped face? Adam Wang from FAZE salon share to our readers that having a V-shaped face is pretty easy and all you need to know is to make a V sign.

Difference between contour your eye zone and cheek

To start from the beginning, Adam mentioned that every girl should have 2 shades of foundations; this is because the foundation is easy to control the amount and the strength when applying on your face. Adam explained contouring the eye zone means highlighting and contouring the cheek is regarded to bronzer. To present a v-shaped face, you can combine the highlight and the bronzer.

Step 1: Contouring the cheek first

Use the dark shades foundation to draw an upside down V sign on your lower jaw and under the cheekbone (Notice: how small the face you want, how forth the V sign is, but try not to cause an opposite effect). Also, draw a small V sign on your nose to make your nose looks straight.

 Step 2: Then highlight your eye zone

Now apply the lighter shades foundation, draw a small V sign on the corner and the bottom of your eyes, the sign can be as big as your eyes. (Notice: The bottom V sign’s vertex cannot be lower than your cheekbone and the corner V sign’s vertex should not be over your temple)

Step 3: Rub the foundation

Lastly, you can use either a sponge or a brush to blend the foundation smoothly.

Final Look

Q:Adam, is it possible to use the concealer instead of the foundation?

A:If you want to have a light makeup, then concealer might not be your option, but you can apply the highlight corrector pencil to do a light three dimensional contour.

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