Lips Makeup: How to have bigger lips tutorial

Undoubtedly, lip makeup represents a crucial role in your makeup, which will make you look terrific and glamorous. Recently, we can clearly observe that lips makeup becomes the spotlight on your face, shades such as classical red, soft pink, coral can present a variety of look on your face.

Even though lipstick is the new trend in makeup, but for thin lips girls, it seems impossible to have fuller lips by merely applying layers of lipstick. Therefore, makeup artist, Sam from It’s Sam Studio shared several tips for thin lips girls to have fuller lips.

Tools for Pouty lips:

1.A Lip balm and a lip pencil.

2.Lip foundation products and a lipstick.

3.A Light color eye shadow or lip-gloss.

Tips 1: Moisturizing your lips!

Use the lip balm to make your lips become moisture thoroughly and don’t forget the corner of the lips. For lines on your lips, which many girls care about, you can press the lip balm into your lips to reduce the lines.

Tips 2: Lip pencil to draw fuller lip lines.

Use the lip pencil that matches your lipstick to draw strokes on your lips. For the top lip, you can start by drawing two dots, which connect the middle and corner, then use circular lines to match the dots. When it comes to the bottom lip, you draw lines that are a bit over your natural lip line and don’t forget to match the top lip line. The reason for you to draw a fake lip line is to make the lips become bigger.

Tips 3: Apply two layers of lipstick.

After finishing drawing a new lip line, now you put lipstick on your lip, but make sure to let the lipstick naturally fade in when applying on the boarder between the lip line and the lipstick. To present full lips, put two layers of lipstick.

Tips 4: Pearl lip-gloss to make the lips fuller.

Now you are almost done, but some pearl lip-gloss will make your lip become even more full and fabulous, it is suggested applying lip-gloss from the middle of your lips.

Tips 5: Glistening eye shadow is essential.

Yes, you can put some glistening eye shadow (suggest silver or white shade) on the middle of your lips, which will look fantastic. Or a little bit of light color of pearl lip-gloss can also present your lips look further dimension and gradient.

After Sam’s tutorial, thin lips become full lips is just a piece of cake!


Sam has been working as a stylist  for 12 years and his work includes in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and New York.

He cooperated with a wide range of celebrities, such as GODFREY GAO, JASPER LIU, SHIOU, I-HUA WU, AIMEE YUN YUN SUN…Moreover, Sam had participated in several magazines, including the VOGUE, GQ, MEN’S UNO, COSMOPOLITAN, NEXT MAGAZINE, LIBERTY TIMES NET, UDN, MODERN WEEKLY(SHANGHAI)…

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