Recently, instead of the smoked eye shadow or nude eye makeup, the latest Korean makeup trend is dewy skin with peach eye shadow, besides South Korean drama, peach eye shadow had been found on the runway as well.

Yet, for many Asian girls, they are afraid of peach eye shadow makeup will make their eyes look like puffy eyes, but in fact, the tips for this trendy makeup is prevent putting pink eye shadow all over your eyelid and combine with some nude shades eyeliner. This time, StyleUp invites makeup artist Howard from ITENG makeup and hair salon to share 5 steps peach eye shadow tutorial for Asian girls.

Steps 1: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick as foundation.

Please remember, applying lots of pink eye shadow on all lids will never work on this dewy makeup. Firstly, Howard use Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick (Shades: Malted Pink) as the foundation, when applying the shadow stick on your upper lid, make sure to smash it smoothly and lightly so the foundation can looks gradient.

Steps 2: Low shadow is essential.

Generally, we only put nude shades on our low shadow, but the key point for this makeup is eye bag, so pink nude palette (orange, soft pink and malted pink) can present a dolly look. For this part, Howard uses the same Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick (Shades: Malted Pink) along the lower lash line.

Steps 3: Dior matte brown eye shadow for lid.

After the malted pink as foundation, Howard use layered of Dior matte brown eye shadow (from the 5 CLEURS EYE SHADOW PALETTE #796 CUIR CANNAGE) on the lid to make you look depth.

Steps 4: Gradient Chanel seashell pink eye shadow.

Then, apply the most crucial section of this makeup, the Chanel seashell pink eye shadow (from LUMIÈRES FACETTES QUADRA EYE SHADOW) on the middle of your lid.

Steps 5: Urban Decay brown eyeliner.

Due to this is a nude pink shades makeup, so Howard uses the Urban Decay brown eyeliner to match the eyeshadow and look more energetic.

Steps 6: Everything is about low shadow.

As Howard mentioned before, the soul of this peach eye shadow makeup is your low shadow, so just repeat the steps you do on your lid to your low shadow.

Suggestion for the lip color:

After you finish the eye shadow, Howard recommends, you can use a matte lipstick as the foundation, and then apply a sheer and pigmented lip-gloss on the middle of your lips. Overall, the lipstick color choice depends on your personal preference and the lipstick we use for the model is MAC pink lip-gloss.

ITENG makeup&Hair salon

Howard has been working as a stylist since 2000 and he had participated in a variety of styling work, such as magazine cover, brand endorsement, exclusive celebrities cooperation, drama…

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