“Smoky winged liners” is the best make-up trend 2021

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Eyes make-up becomes a huge trend in 2021 since the big hit of the pandemic and people has to wear a mask when they go out so the only part that can show is our eyes. Girls starting to focus more on this part than usual. Last year in 2020 people wear less makeup or abandon it because of uncomfortable feeling when they have to wear makeup under their mask. Most girls starting to put on makeup only in the upper areas where a facial mask doesn’t cover. Today I will introduce  “Smoky winged liners” which you guys might be seen everywhere in 2021.  Here is a demonstration on how to get a “Smoky winged liners” look.

Step 1: Equipment ( Pencel liner or gel liner, Eyeliner brush, Cotton buds, Concealer and tape.

Step 2: Taking a tap and tap it obliquely at the end of your eyelids.

Step 3 : Draw a line at the end of your eyes and blend it with a eye liner brush.

Step 4 : Use cotton buds to clean an imperfection line ( to make it more clean)

Step 5 : Use concealer to clean the edges.

Step 6 : Finally done!

Picture source : Pinterest

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Linda Hallberg 8/26/13 "how to do a smoky eyeliner" | Smokey eyeliner,  Cheap makeup brushes set, Affordable makeup brushes
Picture source : Pinterest

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