Eyelash Lift and Tint

Eyelash lift is the treatment that will make your eyelash look curl all the time without using an eyelash curler. Your eyes will look more open and bigger and the Eyelash tint is similar to eyebrow tint. It will make your eyelashes look darker and thinker. Maybe this is the time that you can ditch your mascara. The Eyelash Lift and Tint will make your life easier. If you are tired to put on your mascara every day and curl your lash every morning, This treatment might be a good solution for you!     

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Are lash lifts and Tints Treatment safe?

Some of you might be concerned about it whether it will cause any harm and allergy to your eyes or not. The answer is ” Yes ” If it performs by a professional lash technician and the procedure is performed properly”. This treatment is comparably safe but if you do it by yourself or with an unprofessional lash technician, you might not get the result that you want and It may harm your eyelashes because if the priming chemicals are on your eyelashes for too long it will make your eyelashes break and damage. Some shops use a bad quality tint this might lead to allergies and eyelids irritated. So I suggest you go to a professional one!

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How Does It Cost and How Long Does it Last?

Well, the prices are quite varied. Depends on areas and beauty salons. In general Eyelash lift and tint together usually be around $100 to $180 depending on the eyelash technician that you choose. For Eyelash lift and tint usually last around 6 weeks to 8 weeks depending on how well you take care of it and your eyelash circle and growth phases.

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