Double Buns Tutorial: The Hottest Hairstyle in Japan!

Are you still tying your hair into a half bun? Japanese girls are into “double buns” now! Whether you tie your hair all or just half up, double buns is your best style going out! Now, just follow our steps and keep the tips in mind, you can become super “kawaii” without looked funny. Besides, we wholeheartedly invite Natsume Mito, who not only is singer/model in Japan but also is the one making above-eyebrow-bangs go virus, to show you how to do the double buns!

What you need: hairpins and rubber bands

1. Separate the top of your hair from the bottom half after dividing it into equally two halves.

Image credit: YouTube

3. I believe anyone would grin like this whenever seeing yourself have this childlike double ponytails.

Image credit: YouTube


5. Then twist the braids into a ball and fix it with bobby pins; do the same with the other side.

Image credit: YouTube

2. Tie the other section up as well. Here’s the tips: let your hair loosely tied.

Image credit: YouTube

4. Putting your ponytail into two-strand braid but no need to tie it with rubber bands.

Image credit: YouTube

6. Finish!

Image credit: YouTube

I just visited Tokyo Disneyland last week and it’s true that every Japanese girl has this hair style!

Image credit: 林かなみ-twitter

Translated by Patricia L.

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