Dry Shampoo: Lazy Girls’ Life-Saver in Summer

Dry shampoo is a product invented in response to summer, the sweaty season. Especially for special cases which you shouldn’t wash your hair, such as the period or postpartum confinement, the dry shampoos by these four brands help you go through the tough time with clean and fresh hair!

How to use dry shampoo:

Dry shampoo comes in spray or gel form. For spray, shake before use, hold it about 30 cm away from your head skin and spray it evenly along the roots.

As for gel form, squirt it directly onto your scalp, and wipe your hair with a towel or tissue, like you are really washing your hair, until your hair is dry.

1.BATISTE Dry Shampoo 200ml NT.390

This dry shampoo by Batiste, the well-known English brand, comes in more than ten fragrances; moreover, it has spray that specially designs for the need of nourishing or volume. For those who are picky about the scents, Batiste is your best bet! FYI, they come in with super cute bottles!

Image credit: Batiste

2. FÁCIAÑO Dry Shampoo 50ml NT.420 / 150ml NT.690

FÁCIAÑO dry shampoo contains an European Union EcoCert certificated organic ingredient: Organic Sambucus Nigra flowers, Biotin and Horse Chestnut, which nurture your scalp and make your hair supple and shiny. And with the refreshed scents coming from multiple natural essential oils, you can use it as fragrance.

Image credit: Fáciaño

3. RENE FURTERER Naturia Dry Shampoo 150ml NT.980

Rene Furterer is acclaimed as the hair product reserved for high-end salon in France. Using all natural ingredients without chemical, this spray is safe to use for every day and make your hair soft and supple from the roots! However, it’s the most expensive one since it claims to be all-natural.

Image credit: RENE FURTERER

4. ETUDE HOUSE Oh My God Dry Shampoo 50ml NT.350

You can tell how effective this dry shampoo, by Korean brand Etude House, is from the comics on its bottle! Formulated with the Anti-sebum complex, it makes your hair so clean and fresh as if you just showered and you can have the “airy hairstyle” like Korean beauties!

Image credit: ETUDE HOUSE

You can keep your hair refreshed as long as you have dry shampoo!

Image credit: TV still photos

Translated by Patricia L.

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