Girls Hair Trend- Lob Hair

Lob hair, a hairstyle combines with casual and natural has been regarded as the trendiest hair for 2017. Whether you have natural curly hair or inward curls, lob hair can go well with many variations.

Below are some celebrity’s lob hairstyle inspiration:

Mizuhara Kiko

Image from pinterest

Mizuhara Kiko’s classic lob hair should definitely be an option for you, which presents in different ways.

Amber An

Image from Amber An’s Facebook

Taiwanese model and actress Amber An does her brown lob hair with different methods, while her hair sometimes is straight and sometimes is curly. Also, an outward curls at the end presents a sexy and trendy style.

Joanne Tseng

Image from Joanne Tseng’s Facebook

Instead of a long hair, Taiwanese model and actress Joanne Tseng looks more charming with a side parting lob hair, and dyed it into brown make her skin looks white.

Rainie Yang

Image from Rainie Yang’s Facebook

No matter when she acts or sings, Rainie Yang has always chosen lob hair. While featuring in the drama “Life Plan A and B,” Yang has a side parting lob hair to make her look modern, and she looks refreshing in lavender lob hair when shooting for her new album’s cover.

Alyssa Chia

Image from Alyssa Chia’s Facebook

For our mommy readers, Alyssa Chia proofs that even mum can have lob hair.


Image from Melody’s Facebook

Girls, say yes to Melody’s elegant lob hair!

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