Fall Nail Trend- Nude Gel Nail

Instead of summer’s glittering and eye-catching’s nails, fall’s nail should be elegant and simple. Hence, the nude shades nail will be your first choice for this fall.

How to present a low-key but high quality gel nails? Here are some nail inspirations chosen by our editor from Pinterest.

This neutral gray gel nails can make you look graceful and unique, also, this color will make Asian women look white.

Image from Pinterest

Matte nail is definitely the hottest nail color for this year, which will present a mysterious but low profile look.

Image from Pinterest

Classical nude nails will never go wrong.

Image from Pinterest

Nude pink nails make you look sweet and romantic.

Image from Pinterest

Malt tone nail with white lines presents a high quality and elegant look.

Image from Pinterest

Warming white nude nail.

Image from Pinterest

Mixing neutral nails.

Image from Pinterest

Suggestion from the editor

In order not to make your hands look darker, but whiter, try different tones of nude color before applying them.

Translate by Zena Cheng

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