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Emma has eight years of experience as a nail artist and she was the guest speaker for OPI. Currently, she is the CEO of Emma Nail Style.


JNA Advanced Level

JNEC Advanced Level

DAWSON Gel Nail Examination

Since last summer, clear nails had become a hit among girls, and the trend has continued this year. Nail artist Emma from OPI has designed a special manicure to introduce our readers, which combines blue shades geometric patterns and clear nails.

Key Point: Light blue, navy blue, black and white patterns with lines.

Step1/ Base Coat

Apply the base coat to protect your nails and prevent your nails to become stained yellow and dark.

OPI Infinite Shine Primer

Tip: Before applying the next layer, don’t forget to wait for the previous layer becomes dry enough.

Step2/ Navy Blue and Light Blue Geometric Patterns

Use the navy blue and light blue nail liquor to draw some simple patterns on your nails.

OPI Sailing and Nailing #NL R70

OPI Hello Kitty Collection- My Pal Joey #NL H90

Tip: If you accidentally put too much nail polish on your nail, use a cotton swab with nail remover to remove it.

Step3/ Black and White Geometric Patterns

Use the black and white nail polish to draw the geometric patterns.

OPI Showered by Petals #NL H92

OPI Never Have Too Mani Friends #NL H91

Step4/ Top Coat

Lastly, apply the gel-like top coat to let your nails last longer and protect them.

OPI- Infinite Shine Top Coat (Gloss) #IST30

Translated by Zena Cheng

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