Nail Trends for Spring 2021

Spring is the time that you would enjoy the weather the most after long and cold winter is gone. Some of you probably doesn’t have any ideas for nail colours that you want to go for the spring season this year yet. By swapping cold winter vibe to spring vibe. Dark colours which look good for winter don’t suitable this time of the year anymore. Especially, This unpleasant time due to the pandemic. We need some good vibes to cheer us up. Today I have some ideas for spring 2021 nail trends to recommend to you. Hope you will enjoy it!!

1. Baby Blue Color

Baby blue shades are perfect shades for this spring 2021. After a long and brutal winter is gone, it is good to paint your nails with pastel colours. I suggest adding some details to your nails instead of painting them only one colour. Make your nails more unique by adding clouds on your nails.

2. Animal prints

Yes, Animal prints have been around for a while but they can be designed by many patterns. The animal print nail trend is the chicest and coolest for this spring and summertime. It is suitable for many outfits and styles.

3. Colorful French tips

It is good to add something colourful to your nails! Especially, this time before summer comes around. Colourful French tips become a huge trend for nail this year. If you feel bored with basic colour strips you can try this trend out! Mixing a variety of colour together will be fun and fancier, know what mean?

4.Velvet Nails

From last year till this year 2021, The velvet nail trend still comes around this year. It often created with flocking powder or magnetic polishes. The result will make your nail shiny andreflective. It’s good for this string and for someone who likes shiny nails.

5. Alternate different shades

If you are someone who gets bored easily. I would recommend trying “Alternate different shades”. You can mix and match colours with any patterns that you like, to have your own style. It’s quite unique. isn’t it?

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