9 key points of oil massage, making your body healthy

The common problems of the modern people mostly is the body getting more tired and tired because of the pressure from the work and busy life, especially those who often staring at the computer in the office, and maintain the same posture in a long-term or incorrect posture will lead to muscle ache. For sure,it is necessary to relax the body.

In addition to spend a lot of money on the massage store or SPA, it is a good choice for people to massage at home. If you want to massage yourself,the following below are some key points that you need to know making better effect on massage.


1. Basic : Soft touch+knead

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Most of massage techniques is based on that. You have to slow in your movement and the strength is depends on the situation.

2. massage in the direction of the heart

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Almost all the body massage is in the manner of massage to the direction of the heart.By this way, the blood will flow to the direction of the heart, on the other hand, if you massage in the opposite direction of the heart, it will cause varicose veins.

3. From Left to Right

Giving a acupoint massage in a better way is staring from left to right. In this way, acupoint massage can be more effective and will reduce the pain.

4.Warm your hands

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Warm your hands before give a massage because it can  activate blood circulation

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5. The direction of the Abdominal massage

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If you have Constipation, massage  in small circular clockwise motions around the navel. However, if you have Diarrhea, massage  in small circular counterclockwise motions and do not massage strongly.

6. Leg massage

Using a gentle touch and knead, massage the leg in the direction from the ankle up the thigh.

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7.Back massage

When you massage your back, you can push a little bit stronger strength on thicker muscle, on the other hand, massage in minimal direct pressure on bony processes, and you have to remember that spine can not be massage.

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8.The strength of acupoint massage

Do not push so stronger and make you feel pain when you massage yourself, and if you are in pain, you’d better to get a health check in hospital.

9.Massage tools

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The key points of massage are too much to write all of them. For sure, it is better to ask the massage therapist or watch some video about massage before you do it yourself. Last but not least, after massage, you need to drink warm more than 250 c.c. and do not take a shower or wash your hand immediately in case you get a cold.

Translated by Lilian Yang

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