Electrolyte Hydrojelly Mask.

Today, I would like to introduce the newest facial mask which will help to boost up your skin and achieve a glowing skin look. Electrolyte hydro jelly mask is a new generation mask that contains pure algae, other active ingredients & new electrolyte technology. The thing is your skin barrier cannot absorb or maintain water without the proper balance of electrolytes so this hydro jelly mask created to solve this problem out. Not only to boost up your skin but these electrolyte hydrojelly masks also help to soothing and calming your skin.

(Picture source: Pinterest)
(Picture source: Pinterest)

The Hydro jelly mask is a powdered formula and is activated with purified water. You just have to mix water with the powder and it will form a liquid “jelly” that is applied to the area. Leave it around 15-20 minutes, the hydrojelly solidifies and creating a seal on your skin that pushes all the beneficial ingredients into your skin’s pores directly. After that, it can then be peeled off with no residue on your skin.

(Picture source: Pinterest)

Here are some examples from instagram (Source : IG Esthemax / PROFESSIONAL SPA )

For you who might be concern about ethical beauty, The Hydrojelly Mask is Animal-friendly, Eco friendly with biodegradable packaging and contain various organic ingredients. The Hydrojelly mask is by far the most on-trend mask on social media right now. 

( Picture source : www.eternalskin.com.au )

Price$48.00 per pack / 1400 NTD

( Picture source : https://esthemax.com.au )

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