Couple Tattoos!Show off Your Love to the World

There are many ways for couples to show their love: matching clothes, matching shoes or any kind of paired accessories. Now, there’s another way of love declaration: “matching tattoos.” STYLEUP is going to share some couple tattoos from the Western. Are you ready?

(Image credit: Pinterest)

The matching tattoos of King and Queen of Poker, saying that you are the king/queen to me.

(Image credit: Pinterest)

The matching tattoos use simple lines to connect the love birds. Combining two tattoos into a complete one represents the two can’t be separated. The picture below is definitely saying “to shoot my love into your heart!”

(Image credit: Pinterest)

Either symmetrical words or the combination of two tattoos into one makes people envious when they look so sweet in the same picture!

Show your matching tattoos while expressing your love to the world!

Ink the red lines on ankles if you are worried about them mistaken for wrist cuttings.

(Image credit: Pinterest)

Why not give Disney a thought if both of you are fans of cartoon or if you are looking for cute designs? Mickey/Minnie, Donald Duck/Daisy, Beauty/Beast or Aladdin/Jasmine are all good choices!

Aren’t you envious after viewing these cute and sweet matching tattoos? Wish everyone a partner who is worth it in the future!

Translated by Patricia L.

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