Small Tattoo Ideas and Inspirations

Summer is the best season for having small tattoo, while wearing tanked tops or short sleeves, these tattoos can be showed accidently to others. Simple, small and exquisite tattoo such as heart, stars, planet or flowers have become popular in the West, meaningful words or quotes on your wrist, finger, shoulder or ankle are the places you can choose to have small tattoos. For tattoo newbie, trying something small but unique is always a good choice for you. This issue, StyleUp had picked two tattoo Instagram accounts for small tattoo to our readers.

Korean Tattoo Account

Heart, smile, planet and diamond are recommendations for first-timer.




Hong Kong Account

This tattoo artist is talented for colored tattoo, which will present a color-pencil appearance. Flower, words or cartoon patterns are your options.


Translate by Zena Cheng

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