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Many people had asked me the reason to have tattoos, as a tattoo artist, I regard tattoo as a totem to memorize thing happened around you at the moment. Besides meaningful tattoo pattern, many tattoos belong to a thing that occurred immediately and triggered your deep feeling so you want to keep it as a mark or a tattoo.

Some people write diaries, and some of us choose to have tattoo. When you open your diary or look at the tattoo, you reminisce your feeling or the motivation during that time. Honestly, I haven’t been doing this work (tattoo artist) for a long time, but I find out that there must be some stories behind each tattoo. So for this issue, I will share three short stories about tattoo.

Story 1: ECG Heart Tattoo

At the beginning, she told me she just want to have a tattoo about her father’s birthday as a memory. In addition, the tattoo can also cover the scar she had when she was young. After talking with her for a several times, she said,

“ I was with him (my dad) and watch his ECG becomes a straight line,” “I really want to tell him how much I love him.”

Therefore, I suggest her why not have an ECG heart tattoo to memorize your father. Moreover, I let her to write her father’s birthday at the lower right corner. This idea can hide most of her scar; yet, the pain to have a tattoo on the scar is more hurt than on your normal skin. But she just replied ”It’s okay since it is for my dad.”

There are many stories similar to this and telling the story will present a sacred meaning to your tattoo. The tattoo is not only a decoration and sometimes there are more things behind it.

Story 2: Old School’s Grandma Tattoo

He is my old schoolmate and he’s obsessed with old school style. Once, he wanted to have tattoo of his grandmother because he was raised by his grandma, however, he was worried whether this tattoo will match with his other tattoos or not. Hence, I adjust his grandma’s photo into Old School style in order to correlate his previous tattoos.

After his story, I started to re-think about the meaning of the tattoo.

Story 3: Sea Gull Tattoo

This is a story about beach, sea gull and family; I did this tattoo for a girl from South America when I was in Paris. Cindy, the girl, fluttering her dense black eyelashes and told me

“There’s a beach near my home and I memorize my family when I saw the sea gull. The three sea gulls represent my younger brother and sisters, every time I look at these sea gulls make me remember how far I was from home and how much they love me.”

Do you have something that you want to remember and remind yourself?

The best thing for having a tattoo is every tattoo is unique and distinguished.

Translate by Zena Cheng

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