The Best Part of Body You Can Get Your Tattoos

You must think twice before deciding what part of body to get your tattoos whether you are a tattoo virgin or veteran- after all, tattoo is something that stays forever. The tattoo only perfectly shows your personality when it’s on the right place. Let’s see where to get your tattoos to draw people’s attention!

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Neck: A Hint of Style

Tiny tattoos hid in your hair behind your neck or between your neck and back shows your charm when you flip your hair!

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Spine: The Presence of Passion

A tattoo on your shoulder/shoulder blade is a match for a sunshiny summer day! Put on your backless top or bikini to show your sexy tat on the shoulder!

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Side Boob: The Extreme Seduction

Let yourself go wild by get a pretty shell on your side boob! Send your boyfriend a surprise by putting on a loose tank top.

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Collarbone: The Alluring Beauty

Diva Rihanna is a big fan of tats. You can ink a line under your collarbone like her or a tiny icon to show your feminine side which also makes people attracted.

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Elbow: The Laid-Back Confidence

The elbow is also a great place for tats. Summer is the best timing for you to show the tats by putting your short sleeves on while show your confidence at the same time!

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Ankle: The seaside spotlight

The tats on your ankle or foot totally show your personality! With the palm tree and anchor that match the beach, you are the focus of attention!

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Wrist: The Stylish Characteristic

How about tattoos on the wrist if you don’t want epic ones on your body? Tiny and delicate tattoos go well with the wrist and catch people’s eyes inadvertently!

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Behind-the-Ear: The Fashionable Subtlety

The tats near the ear at the back have grown in popularity recently with many Korean and Western celebrities doing this! This is a good choice for those girls who like to show their unique taste while keeping it low.

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Choosing the best part for you to show your personality! Have you decided what part of body you want to get tattoos? Don’t forget to take good care of it to keep the tattoos looking its best!

Translated by Patricia L.

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