The Zodiac Tattoos Collection : Capricorn

The zodiac sign is many people’s choice when it comes to first tattoo. People seldom regret inking their zodiac sign on the body. Are you a Capricorn? Come check our choices of tiny tattoos for Capricorn!

About Capricorn:

Capricorn the Goat is extraordinarily determined and persevered. They are punctual and responsible with focus on fame and reputation. They have the potential to be the leader as they are very organized. Yet they are prone to keep their mood inward, lacking the sense of secure and humour. They arm themselves with condescending and severe appearance to hide their fragility. They are sociable, outgoing, and energetic with their aim focused. They are realistic and logical people who rationally know what they are doing.

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Boys and girls, create your unique tattoo from the sign of Capricorn!

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Simple as it is, just ink the Capricorn sign on your wrist!

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Girls, it’s extremely sexy and seductive to put tattoos on your back neck!

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Don’t forget shoulders when we are talking about sexy part of body. Put on off-the-shoulder top to show your tats! It’s kinda sexy and hipster to ink stars that are arranged in Capricorn signs!


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Showing your tiny tats behind ears while flipping hair is elegant. Tie your hair up when you want to show your tats!

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It’s a good idea to put either painting or geometric goat, the depiction of Capricorn, on your body.

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Another sexy Capricorn tattoo on your body! The tattoo on side rib can be your little secret. It suits those who want to stay low, and keep it a secret to yourself!

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The delicate hipster style tattoo, combining astrology, goat, moon and stars all together into a painting. How romantic it is!

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Design a special tattoo by combining Capricorn sign and goat together, adding your date of birth to it. Perfect!

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This one is for the beginner. Simple lines of the zodiac sign is the most delicate decoration for slender fingers!

Translated by Patricia


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