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For tattoo newbie, there are always some concerns exist, questions such as can I have a tattoo during period, is it okay that I go to hot spring after I had tattoo, maybe I should get drunk before having tattoo so I wouldn’t feel the pain often appeared. Below are some tips about before/after getting tattooed, which are shared by tattoo artist Kay Yang.

刺青完後保養問題可以喝酒泡溫泉?結痂脫皮要多久的不可不知注意事項 -StyleUp線上預約設計師

Before Tattoo

Tips 1: Make sure you don’t have alcohol the day before and on the day when you get a tattoo, this is because alcohol will accelerate your blood circulation, which means it is harder for coloring the tattoo and the worse case is it will cause more bleeding. Tips 2: It is recommended for not having a tattoo while you are in the period; the reason for this is similar to the blood circulation factor. Tips 3: Please keep your health in the best condition when you have a tattoo, stay up late last night or get sick will also affect the coloring procedure.

After Tattoo

Tips 1: If your skin type is sensitive, then we recommend you for not taking a shower right after you have tattoo, however, this is case by case.

Tips 2: Generally, we don’t encourage our customer to go swimming within three weeks after tattoo, this is due to your tattoo recovery and prevent getting infected by contaminated water.

Tips 3: Try your best on avoiding any alcohol within the week after having tattooed, which alcohol will cause fast metabolism.

Tattoo Aftercare

Tips 1: Since the place you have a tattoo is just like a wound, so we suggest you can put some Vaseline or lotion such as Aloe Vera and AD cream that specialized for sensitive skin type and recovery function in it.

Tips 2: It is normal that tattoo wound has a scab, peeling, losing color or smudge appeared after 1-3 weeks, therefore, do not pick scab or peel skin in case the tattoo color being removed.

Tips 3: Before blaming at your tattoo artist for losing color, talk to the artist first and book another reservation to add color.

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